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Hugs For Faramir

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Monday, November 1st, 2004
1:13 pm - Hello, hello, hello!

Hello again, boys and girls!

Remember this community, hugs4_faramir? Remember spreading the love of the ever-delightful, ever-lovely Captain of Gondor? Remember those days when we would while away the hours, posting fan art, photos (nearly never--that's going to change!), and fanfiction works about Faramir?


I have a lot more time for mod-ing and spreading the joy and love of Faramir/David Wenham; I return to you at the turn of the tide (?), more html-competent and more appreciative of David and Faramir both.

And I want YOUR help. Today I am feeling dynamic and dangerous. Today is the day to fix this community up.

How, might you ask? And I'm glad you did.

Contests, surveys, polls, pictures, fanworks (being fiction or art), news about anyhting Faramir/David related--ANYTHING. We need to keep this place interesting, and we need to do it together, as a Faramir Team! It's your community too--you help me out. How can we do it?

If you're still interesting in being a member, please drop a line here and let me know. It's time to clean this place up and out.

And, to show off my new skilz, a personal favorite of David:


So, how's it going, guys?

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
3:00 pm - And it's been a while....


Wow. I've neglected you, Faramir. Can you ever forgive me? *begs forgiveness*

But I return only to bestow gifts.... In my absence, I have figured out the enigma that is picture posting. *sighs*


Sooo. As soon as I get home, I swear I will post some pictures. I'm at school and bound by Bess (damn you, school blocking device! I just want to drool over Faramir!), but I'll post some ASAP.


Just wanted to remind everyone to keep on hugging Faramir. *cheers*

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004
8:44 am - Faramir...in black leather...

Look. At. This.


Whoa...*drools* *keyboard short-circuits* Whoops...

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
5:46 pm

*Eats Toast*

Look at my awesome Icon yo.

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1:12 am

*Hugs Faramir*
*Distributes random toast to everyone in the place*

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Monday, February 16th, 2004
10:58 pm - Daisy????....what the hell?

A must-post:

I haven't seen [heard] it (yet) but apparently during the audio commentary of TTT, Dom and Billy make a reference to our own beloved Faramir.

Yes, that's right. Sources say (and they're reliable sources, being my sister who owns the DVD) that during the audio commentary, at a part where Faramir makes an appearence (said to be either his first entrance, or at Osgiliath--I'll research it), they remark, "Oh, look! It's Daisy!"

"If you see him on the street, then call him Daisy. Oh, wait, don't do that. He'll kill you."


If I would ever meet David Wenham (please, let that happen!) on the street, then I think I wouldn't call him "Daisy". Just ask him about it.

I mean, Daisy?! What the hell is that?

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4:37 pm

This doesn't really have anything to do with Faramir, but this is a fabulous scene you might have missed when you watched TTT the first few times...


enjoy... ^___^


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Friday, February 13th, 2004
5:03 pm - Not lots to say, but a small bit to ask

Um, I really have nothing much to say about Faramir right now. I haven't been allowed to get online in a bit, so it just feels good to be posting again.

Anyway. If anyone has the TTT extended DVD, there's a few scenes at the end about Osgiliath and things that has lots and lots of him in it.

And, as soon as I can figure out how to post pictures and LJ cuts, then we'll have some pictures. I have some really nice ones that I've been saving up for this very occasion.

If anyone knows about posting the pictures, please let me know.

Thanks a lot. ^_^

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Sunday, February 8th, 2004
9:56 am - Hug

Hello everyone! Today, the 8th of February, is Laugh and Get Rich Day, and World Marriage Day! Happy Holidays everyone! And many Hugs to Faramir!

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Saturday, February 7th, 2004
4:42 pm - Snow!

It's snowing here, for the first time this year! *grins* I think that Faramir vs. the A. Snowman fight sent some snow all the way down to Georgia!

*cuddles with Faramir* :D

Have you hugged your Faramir today?

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3:47 pm - mmmm

I felt the need to give a not-so-random hug to Faramir. Because of him we have new people in the community, all giving him hugs while making the people in the community happy. *smiles* it's a beautiful thing. I thought that the fanfic was pretty funny to, so props to whoever wrote it (i'm terrible with names). And one more hug for Faramir for the road *hugs*

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10:06 am - The fic

I know it's long, but I can't do links...

Title: Here they come...

Rating: PG for now, because of a bit of violence.

Disclaimer: I don’t own LotR. I wish I owned Faramir, but I don’t. I only own Bob and Halithiena the Mary Sue, but I don’t want to. *shudder* I also got some ideas from “The Story of Legolas and Enoreth” (www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=906316) by CNell. It’s very good, and really funny–read it!

Summary: Faramir has to deal with his first Mary Sue. As the only one in Minas Tirith not under her spell, it is his responsibility to get rid of her.

Author’s Note: This is my first MS bashing fic, and I can’t write humor too well, so be nice! This also takes place before the War of the Ring, so Boz and Denethor are still alive.


“Captain! There’s someone at the gate!” a guard shouted. Faramir made his way down as quickly as he could. Boromir, already there, looked over the wall.

“It’s a woman, and it looks like she’s injured,” he said. “Open the gate!” Guards crowded around as the girl was carried in. She was stunningly beautiful, but to Faramir’s eyes, she looked strange, without any depth in a strange way. Her long hair shone like sunlit gold. Her eyes fluttered open. They were the color of the sea, and large for her fair face. Everyone present, except Faramir, felt that they would do anything those eyes asked of them.

“Ohh...where am I?” she asked. Her already large eyes widened. “No! You cannot keep me here! He will find out I am here, and attack! You will all be killed!”

Boromir replied, “Who? Who hunts you?” He couldn’t tear himself away from those eyes. Faramir couldn’t see what was so wonderful about this girl. She was beautiful, yes, but she seemed out of place. She couldn’t be real, she was too perfect.

“The evil wizard Vervaine the Purple, who was banished from the High Council,” she answered. Faramir was skeptical. Vervaine the Purple? That can’t be right...no one exists by that name! Boromir, however, either didn’t know or didn’t care.

“Know this, fair lady: the men of Gondor are sworn to protect. We will never turn down a challenge, nor fail to protect anyone in need!” he said bravely, drawing his sword.

“Ai!” the woman cried. “I fear that those words will be in vain! Vervaine has weapons you know naught of! He is sworn to destroy me, Halithiena, Lady of the Golden Star!”

“ ‘Golden Star’? Why ‘Golden Star’? Faramir asked.

“Because it sounds pretty. But that’s beside the point. If you keep me here, you will all be in mortal danger!” She held her hand to her forehead dramatically.

“We do not care. Now, let’s get you into the Houses of Healing, where we will tend your wounds,” Boromir said.

“I-I don’t think I can walk,” Halithiena said shakily. Half the guards immediately volunteered to carry her in. “Maybe...he can help me walk in?” She looked at Faramir.

He didn’t really know how to react, so his noble training took over. “As you wish, my lady.” Helping her to stand, he escorted her into the Houses of Healing. He set her down on the bed, and whipped around as his father walked in. His father gazed down at Halithiena.

“She is as beautiful as your mother,” he said quietly, touching her cheek. Faramir became even more suspicious. His father was never this sensitive. It seemed like this...creature had some sort of influence over everyone except him. I wonder why... He shrugged and walked out.


The tower was your standard castle of doom, complete with spiky black towers, black gargoyles, and a swirling vortex of lightning-ridden clouds above it. Inside, standing on a chair, a wizard with purple robes, a purple hat, a purple staff, and a purple goatee was doing what he did best: laughing maniacally.

“MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! So, she thought she could escape me, did she?” He held up a purple-tinted crystal ball, in which was shown Halithiena lying on a bed in the Houses of Healing. Purple smoke wreathed around his form. “Not even the walls of the greatest city of Men will keep what I seek from me. I am coming, my Black Phoenix, soon to be most powerful of my slaves! Nothing shall keep you and what you carry from my grasp now. All shall fear the might of…..VERVAINE THE PURPLE!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

A small, sarcastic voice muttered, “I'm Vervaine the Almighty, oh yes, everybody bow down to me because I'm soooooo powerful....ohh, I'm shakin', I'm shakin'...."

Vervaine turned to a small, hunched-over shadow half-hidden by the smoke. He thwacked him on the head.

"Shut UP Bob, you ruined my scene AGAIN!" Vervaine shouted angrily. The figure, now known as Bob, said, “Owch....my 'ead! Master, couldn't you be a little softer with that there staff o' yers?”


Halithiena recovered from her wounds quickly. She quickly earned the annoyance of most of the women by being way too dramatic over minor matters, and being the only thing that their boyfriends and husbands would talk about. After a few days, she was energetically walking around, frequently asking for Faramir’s company. Because it would be rude to refuse the request of a lady, Faramir reluctantly complied. During one of these walks, she began to tell him her life story.

“I am the princess of the Lost Kingdom of Tealothia,” she explained. “I led a happy life. I was loved by all, the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom,” she began. Faramir began to yawn. Not noticing, Halithiena continued, “For many years I lived in happiness. Then, tragedy struck. The evil wizard, Vervaine the Purple, heard of a secret our family has hid for generations. You have heard of the Rings of Power?” Faramir, who was almost asleep, started.

“Wha-? Oh, yes, the Rings of Power. Of course.”

Halithiena looked a little insulted that he hadn’t been hanging on her every word, but nonetheless spoke on. “Our family has had a Ring of Power, the most powerful of all, forgotten by everyone but us, for many years. When Vervaine found out about this, he wished to have the ring for his own, and rule over Middle Earth.” There was a loud thunderclap, despite the clear sky, and many people looked up, puzzled. “He attacked our small kingdom with an army of a million trillion bazillion orcs. My family, my friends, and everyone in the kingdom was murdered, except me. Right as my father was dying, he gave me the ring, knowing that my natural gift of invisibility would protect it, so long as I told no one where it was. That would cancel out my power.

“Grieving, I fled for my life. I ran for many leagues, ever pursued by Vervaine’s hordes. While crossing the plains of Rohan, they caught up with me and captured me. I was determined to hide the ring from them at all costs. They tortured me. When I did not divulge the secret, Vervaine himself came to question me, putting an enchantment upon me, so that, when he wishes, I would turn into a black phoenix, with no will of my own, a slave to him.

“But it was not the end. I have always had a strong will to live. Using the ring’s power of levitation, I finally managed to escape, and I got to the gates of your city before I lost consciousness. That is my woeful tale.”

There was a long silence. “Faramir?” she asked. He was sitting with his head on the stone parapet, fast asleep. “My lord Faramir?” she asked, poking him slightly.

“Mmmph?” he asked. Halithiena looked annoyed for a second, but decided that he must’ve been watching over her the night before, and still tired.

“Apologies, milady,” Faramir said, which, in the small, almost nonexistent place that was Halithiena’s mind, made up for him falling asleep in the middle of her tale of sorrow. Faramir groaned. She was really getting annoying.

She looked out over the Fields of Pelennor, long hair streaming dramatically in the wind. Suddenly, she shrieked, clutching her heart. “They approach!” Halithiena cried. “I knew I shouldn’t have stayed! You will be destroyed!” She threw arms around Faramir’s neck, sobbing. “I have doomed this whole city!” Faramir gingerly put his arm around her. It was strange. It felt like her skin was a thin, flimsy cover over something that felt…sinister, almost evil. Looking over her shoulder, he saw a huge horde of orcs marching towards the city. At least, that was what his eyes told him. Every instinct he possessed was telling him that these orcs were not real, that they did not exist. No matter. Real or imaginary, it was a threat to the city he was duty-bound to protect.

“Orcs!” he shouted. “Orcs are about to attack the city! Guards, to your posts! Man the catapults!” He shoved Halithiena inside a building. “Stay out of the way!”

He ran up to the gate. “Boromir!” Faramir cried. “According to Halithiena, these orcs have come to capture her.”

“Well, then they can’t have her!” Boromir replied, and began shooting arrows into the orc horde massing outside the gates. Faramir thought how much simpler it would be to just throw her outside the gate; the scolded himself for thinking such things. She is a lady, he told himself, She looks like one, at least. We are honor-bound to protect those who cannot defend themselves, no matter how annoying they are. He sighed and began shooting arrows into the mob.

Faramir noticed something odd. Whenever an arrow hit an orc, it would fall to the ground, and then disappear in a cloud of smoke. None of the other men appeared to notice. Shrugging it off, he reached down to grab another set of arrows when he saw Halithiena.

She had been feeling guilty and angst-ridden about how everyone in the city would die because of her, just as her country’s people had died, it was all her fault, etc. She finally decided to follow her Mary Sue instincts for the pointlessly dramatic and allow them to capture her, thus saving the lives of everyone in Gondor for now.

Halithiena ran through the city, tears streaming down her face at the useless sacrifice she was about to make. She ran into the stables and swung onto the back of a pure white horse, whose eyes widened in terror as it realized what its rider was. It bolted out the door, stopping in front of Faramir as she pulled on the reins.

“F-F-Faramir,” she choked out. “I-I must sacrifice myself, for the good of the city. I-I want you to have t-this.” She took something off her finger, and it suddenly became visible to Faramir. It was a bright pink ring, with a heart-shaped pink rhinestone on it. Faramir said, “This is the greatest of the Rings of Power?” He suppressed a laugh.

“Use it well,” Halithiena said. “I’m afraid I will never see you again. Faramir...I love you.” Faramir was in shock. Suddenly, she kissed him full on the mouth. “Goodbye...” she said as she rode out the gate. Faramir had an expression on his face best described as: O.o All the men present looked at Faramir jealously. Faramir himself was a bit disgusted.

“We’ve got to stop her!” Boromir shouted. Suddenly, Faramir had no control over his actions anymore. Slipping the ring on his finger, he dashed to the stables, mounted a horse, and rode that horse after Halithiena. WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?? he asked himself. He was out of control, however, and could only watch helplessly as he fought his way to the orcs to get to her. Unfortunately, the orcs were too many. He and Halithiena were knocked unconscious.


Faramir woke up in a small, dirty room made of black stone. His head ached, and his hands and feet were bound.

“Oh, great,” he sighed. Well, he had to try to escape. He looked around for anything that might help him cut his bonds, but there were no mysterious shards of obsidian, that he could use to cut the ropes. Then, he thought of the ring. Would the sharp edges of the rhinestone cut the ropes? He twisted his hands around, reached into the pocket of his trousers, pulled out the ring, and finally began to work on the ropes. After five minutes of hard work, the ropes around his arms fell off. He rubbed some life back into his hands. Reaching down, he grabbed a slim knife hidden in his boots. He always kept it there in case of emergencies. He easily cut the ropes binding his feet.

Once finished, Faramir slipped the ring into his pocket and turned his attention to the door. It presented a bit of a problem. He inspected the lock. It was a simple one, thankfully, so, with the assistance of the blade, the door swung open. He was glad he had learned to pick locks; he had used this valuable skill to sneak into places, such as the food cupboard, when he was little.

Poking his head around the door, he looked up and down the corridor. Orc guards were at either end. Silently, he slipped down the dark hallway. Faramir slipped the knife into the orcs, killing them instantly, and watched them go up in smoke. Keeping to the shadows, he worked his way down the passage, winding up in a circular room with five doors leading out of it. As he was wondering which one led out, one of them slammed open with a resounding, dramatic boom. Out of it walked Halithiena. She had black feathered wings sprouting out of her back, and her hair had midnight–colored streaks in it. She was wearing an outfit consisting of a tight black leather halter top, a short black leather skirt, and high–heeled sandals with straps going halfway up her legs. She was wearing gloves with the fingers cut out, and had twin black sheaths on her back, covering two identical obsidian knives, with bird–shaped hilts. Her face was covered with face paint in an avian design. She opened her mouth and screeched.

“AIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!” She unsheathed her knives and began whirling them expertly. “My master commands you dead! AIIIEEE!!! Fall before the wrath of the Black Phoenix!” she screamed.

“Oh, no...” This was all Faramir needed, a crazy screaming girl. He dodged her first wild knife stroke. Ducking behind a pillar, he tried to think. All he had was a small knife, and he couldn’t kill her. He would be in deep trouble when he got home if he did.

Screaming like a banshee, the Phoenix took to the air, massive wings beating. Higher and higher she flew, and Faramir’s eyes strained to watch her. With another “AIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!” she dove, mouth wide open, revealing all of her perfect teeth. At the last minute, Faramir moved out of the way. With a large swoop, Halithiena pulled out of her dive and returned to the ground. Her eyes narrowed.

“Why do you run from me? AIIIEEEE!!!” she asked. “You are only prolonging your death. AIIIEEEE!!!” She walked around the pillar, but Faramir quickly ran to the other side. “AIIIEEEE!!!! Do you wish this to be a cat and mouse game? Or should I say bird and worm? Ahahahahaha,” she laughed. All this time, Faramir had been thinking. She could have killed him five minutes ago if she hadn’t been so dramatic and really concentrated. Maybe drama was the way to beat her.

“Halithiena!” he shouted, stepping out from behind the pillar. “Hear my voice! Fight this evil!” he dodged again as she ran at him, arms spinning like a windmill, knives held in black–nailed hands.

“Halithiena is gone. Now, there is only the Black Phoenix, servant to the almighty Vervaine the Purple!” she shouted, the wizard’s name reverberating around the stone chamber.

Faramir sighed. “Then you leave me no choice.” He ran at her, and knocked the knives out of her hands with a swift kick. He took off his sword belt and empty scabbard, and, trying to touch her as little as possible, bound her hands and wings to her body, rendering them useless. Halithiena was off-balance for a moment; he used that moment to knock her to the ground. Quickly taking one of her sandals off, he tied her legs together with the straps. He turned her onto her back. Hissing, she bared her teeth.

“Let me go, fool! Or, I swear by all that is unholy, I will destroy you for this indignity! AIIIEEEE!!!!” she shouted. Faramir merely shook his head.

“I’m sorry I have to do this...” he then did what he’d wanted to do ever since he met Halithiena. He slapped her in the face. She screamed.

“AIIIEEEE!!!! You will pay for that, mortal!” she yelled. She writhed in her bonds, trying to get loose, but Faramir had done his work well.

Faramir thought again. Slapping hadn’t worked...maybe...As much as it disgusted him, he had to try it, so he could get out of here. He bent over and kissed her. She gasped.

“F-Faramir!” Halithiena said. “I’m s-so sorry...but you cannot waste any time, for I will become Black Phoenix again any second.” Faramir looked at her skeptically. For someone not having any second to waste, she sure was taking long enough telling him what to do. She continued, “You must go through that door–” she pointed to the door to his left “–and battle with Vervaine. That is the only way you will end my curse and escape.” Her face twisted, which meant that the Black Phoenix was regaining control. Faramir walked towards the door.

Halithiena called out, “Faramir–hurry!” Faramir didn’t look back. The now-familiar scream of “AIIIEEEE!!!” echoed from behind him. He walked through the door.

The first thing he noticed was that everything was very...purple. Purple walls, purple carpet, purple wizard...everything. The wizard in question had a two-dimensional quality similar to Halithiena. Faramir turned to face Vervaine the Purple.

“Faramir. I have been expecting you,” Vervaine said in that deep, rolling voice of super–villains everywhere. “I suppose you’ve come to kill me and free my Dark Phoenix?”

“Well, escape, certainly. I could care less about Halithiena myself, but my reputation is at stake, so I suppose she’s coming with me. I’d rather leave without killing you, if that’s possible,” Faramir replied.

“Nice,” a figure that hadn’t been noticed before said. “Never ’eard that before. Yer a real gennel’man, ‘ooever ya are.”

“BOB!!!” Vervaine shouted. “Stop complimenting my enemies!!!” He smacked Bob on the head with his purple staff. Bob walked off into the shadows, muttering.

Vervaine turned back to Faramir. “Prepare to meet your doom, Faramir of Gondor!” he shouted. “You will never leave this tower...ALIIIIVE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA...ha...ulp...”

While the wizard had been laughing manically, Faramir had slipped out his knife and held it to Vervaine’s throat.

“Maybe...maybe we could reconsider the whole ‘doom’ thing?” Vervaine asked shakily.

Faramir shook his head. “You will leave this place, go off somewhere, and never harm another creature, and never come back here.”

“A-agreed,” Vervaine replied. Faramir turned towards the door. Unfortunately, Vervaine was still very angry. He lunged at Faramir with a wild yell. Faramir spun around, knife outstretched. You can guess what happened, and it wasn’t pretty. All you need to know was that Vervaine died and his headless body went up in a cloud of purple smoke. Faramir sighed and turned away.

He walked out the door, collected Halithiena, who was being all fainty, (“Oh, you SAVED me!”) found a horse outside the castle, and rode back to Minas Tirith. He rode through the gate, and all the men cheered. Faramir dismounted. Halithiena leapt down and threw herself into his arms.

“You saved my life! I can never repay you! I–” she began.

“Oh give it a REST!” a female voice shouted. A blonde girl in blue jeans and a t–shirt floated down out of the sky. Once her feet were on the ground, she ran at Faramir, knocked Halithiena out of the way, and glomped him.

“There, now that THAT’S out of my system...” she said as she got up, “Time for business...getting rid of it.” Halithiena put her hands on her hips.

“WHAT is the meaning of this?” she asked, hair falling across her face. The other girl rolled her eyes.

“Oh, shut it, Mary Sue.” Halithiena gasped. “Yes, I know your real name,” the blue jean’d girl said. “And what you are.

“Now, hold on,” Boromir said. “Who ARE you?”

“My name’s Krystal. I’m Sauron’s daughter, the physical manifestation of the authoress,” she replied. “Dad sent me to get rid of as many Mary Sues as I could, Boz, and it looks like you need it. This one went after Faramir, which was a big mistake, considering he’s my favorite.

“Anyways, I have decided that you’ve troubled this poor man long enough.” The girl held a pen above her head, cleared her throat, and began chanting.

“Halithiena is your name,

Now, go back to where you came!

Though you are a Mary Sue,

Fanfic authors don’t like you!

As of now, your deeds are done,

You stole the heart of everyone.

Plot and depth and faults you lack,

Sue, be gone–AND DON’T COME BACK!”

Halithiena gave a piercing scream. She began to fall backwards slowly, dissolving into rainbow-colored glitter. A breeze blew the glitter over the wall and scattered it across the Pelennor fields.

The men began to wake up. Some yawned, others shook their heads to clear them. Everyone had very clear memories of the mind-control and dominion of the Mary Sue, and were very aware that their wives and girlfriends would be very angry with them when they got home. They ran off to buy flowers and practice apology speeches.

Faramir turned to Krystal. “We thank you for ridding us of this evil,” he said. “The City is ever in your debt, Sauron’s daughter though you be.”

Krystal smiled. “You will probably see me again, perhaps sooner than you expect.”

Faramir smiled back. “I certainly hope so. If another one shows up, we’ll need all the help you can give us in getting rid of it.” He shook her hand.

“Well, I’m afraid I can’t stay. Places to go, people to see, Mary Sues to kill,” Krystal said as she started floating upwards again. “Bye!” she shouted. Faramir and Boromir waved.

Faramir grinned. “I’m glad that’s over.”


That wasn’t too bad, was it? I wrote the Sue-banishing poem myself...came to me at two-thirty one morning...

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9:23 am - *peeks out from behind Faramir and looks around*

Hi...I'm Krystal, and I <3 Faramir...I finally figured out how to join! *gasp* Anyways, I believe Faramir is in dire need of hugs. *hugs Faramir*

I wrote a little fanfic...it's about Faramir's first Mary Sue...d'you want me to post it? I suck at HTML and I'll have to actually copy and paste it into the journal, but should I post it anyways? Thanks!

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Friday, February 6th, 2004
11:32 pm - hello!

HellO! I am new! I am Catherine and I love lord of the rings and Faramir! I think he deserves a hug now and then.

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10:56 am - Daivd Wenham pictures

I found a wonderful LJ devoted to David Wenham. :P

It's wenham_weekly...full of wonderful David Wenham pictures. Yay. And I learned, from the assistance of some very friendly people, how to post pictures on an entry. So I can find David Wenham/Faramir pictures and paper this hugging LJ up and down. Woo hoo.

There's a few of him as a blond, back further in the LJ...*grins a lot* He would have been the BEST Professor Lupin for PoA movie, I swear to God.

I have heard as a rumor that he was supposed to play Lupin first (thanks Katie...or at least, she THINKS that's who it was--it was David somebody) and that does sound correct... And I wish that would have worked out. *cries and shakes fist* He would have been so good! Damn you! Damn you allll!

*hugs Faramir* Love you, man.

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
12:23 pm - Fic

here it goes: Faramir ponders why he is treated differently. Um read the real summary behind the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
12:24 pm - Faramir's Snow Day

Today in Elkhart we have a snow day.

This snow day was sent from Faramir. Obviously.

Here's the story:

When Faramir was on patrol with the riders from Gondor (different from the Rohan riders), they climbed to the top of Mount Caradhas, for whatever reason. They were met with the Abominable Snow Monster, who threw an absolute tantrum, because Faramir was on top of HIS mountain.

Faramir and the A. Snow Monster had a titanic battle, that Faramir won, of course.

Then Faramir threw the A. Snow Monster off of Caradhas.

The resulting draft of cold air from his fall sent up a great big cloud of snow and ice, coating Middle Earth and sending some our way too.


Go Faramir! He's so cool!

Catch him and hug him! *hugs for Faramir*

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
5:07 pm - Snowy Faramir!

I feel like hugging Faramir right now. It's snowing really hard, and it would be wonderfully romantic weather for hugging Faramir. ^___^

*hugs Faramir in the snow*

He'd look lovely in the snow. Whee.

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Sunday, January 25th, 2004
4:41 pm - *hugs*

I'm new... I love poor Faramir! if anyone has seen TTT:EE feels for him. I think that he deserves better! i give all my hugs to the poor little fellow! And I also wrote a bleeding fic... it's about him and Boromir and Evil Denethor entitled "Perfect" based on a song by Simple Plan. enough of that! *hugs Faramir until he turns blue*

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7:09 pm - Poor Faramir....

Three hugs for him from me. At least in the end he has Eowyn...only they don't have that in the movie. TTFN.

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